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La Casa de Papel 5: the grand finale already has a trailer

The final season of Netflix’s most successful Spanish-language series arrives on the platform this December 3. The details of a plot not suitable for the faint of heart

La Casa de Papel 5: the grand finale already has a trailer

There is only one month left to know the end of the robbery. For the world to discover the fate of The Professor ( Álvaro Morte ) and his gang. Today, Netflix premiered the final trailer for La Casa de Papel Part 5: Volume 2, which will be available globally on December 3 on the platform.

What do those minutes of shocking advance show us? Tokyo ( Úrsula Corberó ) is dead and the enemy is still lurking in the Bank of Spain, wounded but dangerous as always. At their darkest hour, the gang hatches a bold new plan to mine the gold without anyone noticing.

SPOILER ALERT! If you watched the first half of the fifth season, you will know that the Professor has disconnected and is not communicating with the gang within the heist, so now they are trying to figure out how to proceed. The new episodes will show the Professor joining the action after pulling the strings from the shadows for five seasons. This could mean the biggest mistake of your life or perhaps that miracle the gang needs to end the heist that has been going on for more than a hundred days.

Lcdp 1
With Just One Month To Go Until The End Of The Most Famous Robbery On Television, This Wednesday Netflix Has Released The Official Trailer For The End Of “La Casa De Papel”. Efe / Netflix

The trailer begins with a red Volkswagen Beetle driven by Professor making his way through the crowd of fans that have gathered outside the Bank of Spain. We hear the voice of Lisbon say “You see the faces of those you have failed and it is as if a ball of fire is going through your chest”, which makes us foresee a great emotional charge in these chapters to come.

The army finally breaks into the bank, rescuing the hostages, while Rio, Denver, Stockholm, and Lisbon, among others, are captured. Who will die? Who can get out of the biggest robbery in history alive? We’ll find out from December 3 on Netflix.

Reasons for the success of this Spanish series

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Scene From “La Casa De Papel” And Miguel Herrán As Rio.

La Casa de Papel is a series inspired by one of the masters of bank robbery: Willie Sutton, a professional thief with 40 years of experience. From that point on, he became one of the most powerful and mysterious robbers in the United States. He managed to take more than 2 million dollars without the need for equipment. The most ironic thing? Authorities were never able to find the money Sutton made disappear.

Now, why did “La Casa de Papel” become one of the most successful series that Netflix was able to launch?

1. The masterful script of the series is one of the keys to its success. It took them to do more than 40 versions just to create the first chapter. This was to consolidate the identity of all the characters. The journalist Javier Gómez was one of the leaders of the script’s production. He was in charge of ensuring that the plot made sense without resembling Sutton’s story.

2. Red monkeys and Dalí masks. A great aspect of marketing. A bomb that not even the directors of the series imagined could happen. It became a symbolic phenomenon. The public dressed up at Halloween parties as to the famous robbers.

Lcdp 3
Netflix Obtained A Net Profit Of 1,353 Million Dollars (1,148 Million Euros) In The Second Quarter Of 2021, Which Represents An Improvement Of 88% Compared To The Result Recorded A Year Earlier By The Us Company For The Distribution Of Movies And Online Series, Which Increased Its Number Of Subscribers By 1.5 Million, Despite Losing 430,000 Subscribers In The United States And Canada (Europa Press)

3. The robbers were the good guys for the viewers, while the authorities turned them into villains. This narrative technique has caused a sensation in the public. But it is not necessary to decentralize that there are financial crimes. Outside of being a series of robberies, the public felt connected with the experiences of the characters.

4. “Let the matriarchy begin!” The iconic phrase that marked Nairobi’s debut, played by Alba Flores, represented a feminist movement within the narrative. She began to lead many of the Professor’s situations and orders within the bank. He was empowered and managed to gain authority.

5. The connection of the characters. The public asked for the story to have more significance. The third season was not a challenge as it seemed. The team began to enjoy the series’ heyday and decided to further shape the story of a surreal heist.

6. The Professor, a silent leader. A perfect strategist who managed to form a gang of criminals with traits that they themselves did not know. He exploited their thieving skills.

7. Stockholm syndromes and other love stories. A bank official who ended up kidnapped by the gang falls in love with her kidnapper. The detective began to lead the situation together with her colleagues, but eventually, she ends up falling in love with the Professor. It is definitely a dense story, but very well constructed to entertain.


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