The House of the Dragon: HBO listened to the fans and corrected the viral error of the third episode

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House Of The Dragon
House of the Dragon

The amputation of the fingers of one of the central characters generated a strong controversy in the networks.

Fans of The House of the Dragon exploded on social networks after the third episode, when they noticed to their astonishment that the two fingers of the hand that King Viserys I had lost suddenly and magically appeared in their place, in later scenes of the same chapter, which generated ridicule and severe criticism.

The detail did not go unnoticed in The House of the Dragon, above all, because a story had developed around the amputated fingers that showed that the king had suffered an infection, the infected finger had worsened without the doctors being able to do anything and finally they had to point the sick finger and also the little finger.

An amputation does not happen in secret or in The House of the Dragon, or in any other film or series. Criticism and complaints rained down and HBO, the television network that produces the prequel to Games of Thrones, was quick to react, ordering its technicians to fix this inconsistency as soon as possible.

That’s why HBO decided to withdraw House of the Dragon Episode 3, which is now not available on streaming. The signal also reported that they have removed it to solve the problem and that King Visceys I loses his fingers again, an action that will not bury the incident forever, but will at least calm the fans.

When it is resolved, which will be in the next few days, HBO will reactivate the third episode of The House of the Dragon so that it can be seen by those who missed it or for those who want to see it again, hoping that the action that is to come leave the most prominent error of the series in oblivion for now.

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