Karol G’s illness that does not allow her to lose weight

Karol G is a beautiful and strong woman who suffers from a disease that makes it almost impossible for her to lose weight.

Karol Gs illness that does not allow her to lose weight
Karol Gs illness that does not allow her to lose weight

Karol G has become one of the urban music singers with the largest number of followers in Latin America and the entire world. She is beautiful, talented, and with an incredible personality. Little is known about her personal life because although she is very close to her followers, she does not usually speak publicly about her family or more intimate details such as the illness she suffers from.

The Colombian is one of the greatest exponents of current reggaeton, creating a beautiful community full of empowered women thanks to the lyrics of her songs and the lessons she shares on her official social networks.

She is not an artist who uses a lot of filters, she demands too much production on her body or hides herself from not complying with stereotypes. On the contrary, she is convinced of how beautiful she is and how strong her image is for millions of women in different countries.

Inevitably, she also went through vulnerable moments like the time she couldn’t explain why she was gaining weight. Now she sees it differently and wants to show the world that the important thing is to love each other very much as we are, but being a public figure they go through hurtful comments that can even threaten their physical health.

She received a lot of criticism for her appearance, but despite exercising a lot and following a good eating plan, she could not lose weight. She then realized that she could not meet the beauty standards in her industry due to a rare disease.

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