The Boys: The Real Reason The Seven Got Their Powers As Kids

The Boys series has been featuring a wide variety of characters who have incredible superpowers, some of them obtained as children and whose origins are due to a curious reason.


The corrupt team of superheroes The Seven have kept all fans of The Boys series glued to the screen with their incredible performances in saving people. However, the powers that they managed to obtain as children are not only due to the Compound V that they injected into their pregnant mothers but also for another curious reason.

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From the first season of The Boys, we are introduced to the team of The Seven, which is made up of Homelander ( Antony Starr ), A-Train ( Jessie T. Usher ), Queen Maeve ( Dominique McElligott ), Black Noir ( Nathan Mitchell ), Deep ( Chace Crawford ), and Translucent ( Alex Hassell ). While their seventh member, Lamplighter ( Shawn Ashmore ), decided to drop out leaving a slot for Annie January aka Starlight ( Erin Moriarty ) to join.

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However, sometime after Starlight joins them, she discovers that the team of The Seven is not really what she thought, not only because of their eccentric personalities. She but also because of the way each of them managed to obtain her powers thanks to the Vought International company. Which usually gives certain people Compound V when they are just babies. But, most of the members of the original Seven team didn’t get their powers in the same way, but long before they were born.

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According to The Boys series comics, some of the members of The Seven think that they were born with their powers and that they are a natural part of them. But, the reality is that they also received the injection of compound V when they were in the womb of their mothers. This means that the members who believe they were born with the powers naturally, like Homelander, are wrong. Because they are living weapons for the company to contract with the government and use for profit as they please.

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Fans of the show have seen the high tension and instability this creates specifically for the leader of The Seven, who has a complicated relationship, to say the least, with Madelyn Stillwell ( Elisabeth Shue ). However, little by little in each of the seasons of The Boys, new details of the abilities and weaknesses of the characters, such as Black Noir, are revealed.

Fortunately, all viewers will soon be able to continue enjoying the mysteries surrounding all the characters that have superpowers and the Vought company’s Compound V. Because the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform will premiere season 3 of The Boys this Friday, June 3, 2022.

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