“The Boys” will have an animated spin-off inspired by Animatrix and is titled “Diabolical”

“Diabolical” will premiere next year in more than 240 countries.

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"The Boys" will have an animated spin-off inspired by Animatrix and is titled "Diabolical" | Amazon Video

“The Boys” is one of the most popular series on the Amazon streaming platform because it gives a different angle to superheroes, therefore, it is logical that the same company is interested in expanding its own universe as much as possible; And now an animated anthology has been confirmed that will follow the model imposed by “Animatrix”.

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The universe of “The Boys” is expanding rapidly, which is why Amazon revealed the series in development titled “Diabolical”.

Karl Urban, the actor in charge of giving life to Billy Butcher in the live-action series, made the announcement of “Diabolical” in a Prime Video video, where it was announced on December 5 that the live action series will have a spin-off in 2022.

The series will feature eight “delightfully unique and twisted animated episodes set in the world of ‘The Boys’.”

Urban, the actor, assured that each episode of “Diabolical” will be written by a different person or team. Likewise, Garth Ennis, who wrote the original comic version of “The Boys” is one of those credited writers.

The ad offered some other details about “Diabolical,” though the emphasis on eight different writers or writing teams suggests an anthology of unrelated shorts in the vein of Netflix’s “The Animatrix” or “Love, Death & Robots”.

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We rounded up some amazing creators and gave them a rule… just kidding, there are no rules. They smashed the door and delivered eight completely unexpected, funny, shocking, bloody and emotional episodes,” he said.

However, “Diabolical” appears to be unrelated to the previously announced spin-off “The Boys,” a college-set series designed to explore what education for young people looks like in the world of “The Boys.”

“Diabolical” will premiere next year in more than 240 countries.

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