Thalía, 51, flaunts her controversial and tiny waist


Thalia, a consolidated singer and actress who, at over 50 years of age, continues to look stunning in any garment she wears, is one of the stars of Mexican show business who has stood out and dazzled the public since her adolescence due to her sweeping beauty.

On this occasion, the daring bodysuit she wore for a photo shoot drew attention because it showed off not only her iconic and controversial wasp waist, but also her long and firm legs, as well as her outlined and perfect hips. A total lady!

Thalia Interview: 20 Questions – Billboard

On social media platforms such as Instagram, there are accounts managed by their devoted fans dedicated to promoting, exalting, and idolizing their darling. One of these accounts, run by her fan club, posted this incredible photo of Thalia, who looks as stunning and stunning as ever.

Thalía is known to be passionate about fashion and luxury brands, and this bodysuit in particular stands out for its design. She has a fine transparent fabric at the belly level, emphasizing her tiny waist.

Thalia | POPSUGAR Celebrity

The famous used a type of bib in metallic tones on the neck, giving it a “superheroine” effect, which was perfectly combined with two large and striking ones, one on each wrist, giving it that futuristic and “glam” air.

Thalía astounded with her powerful beauty and that strong and self-assured attitude with which she captivates the camera and conquers her devoted fans, who cannot stop admiring her stunning physical beauty and face.

Thalía busca una solución para acabar con su papada

As a result, Thalía remains one of the stars of Spanish music and the most recent Mexican representative, with the luxury of combining her musical career with her business side, as it is well known that she is an empowered woman with great ambitions.

Her devoted fans are always grateful for the powerful photos and outfits that her idol provides them, as in this case, in which the Mexican simply looks more than perfect, assuming that age is irrelevant, she is a woman who still captivates and falls in love.

Thalía luce su pequeño bikini con su cuerpazo a los 50 años - La Vibra

Whoever looks at it has pupils. Thala is without a doubt one of the most beautiful pop stars in the world, stealing glances and setting more than one heart racing whenever she appears. Lovely!

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