Tania Rincón, stunning and elegant, steals the look

Tania Rinconnn
Tania Rinconnn

The star host of the Hoy program, Tania Rincón, once again gave a lecture on elegance, beauty and perseverance in the gym with a stunning and elegant outfit 

Once again, the famous host and star of the Hoy program , Tania Rincón , has stolen the looks and has impressed with her good taste in fashion and trends, because, in addition to showing off her elegance and bearing, her impressive figure also stands out , product of his great effort in the gym.

On this occasion, the stunning hostess boasted through her social networks a sophisticated and avant-garde outfit, made up of two garments, which revealed her formidable figure and her fitted waist.

At the top, the multifaceted host enhanced her beauty with a top in the shape of a large black bow in front, giving her that touch of elegance and glamor that every television presenter should have in front of the cameras, combining it with a tight long squared skirt. in black and white.

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Through her Instagram account, Tania Rincón showed off this elegant belly button outfit of the week, with which, in addition to showing off her great size, she also showed off her stylized and curvaceous figure, since, by wearing this top with a bow, the famous left see that he maintains a spectacular flat abdomen.

To complement this beautiful outfit in black and white, Tania Rincón opted for some pretty sneakers with a big bow on each of them in white, an ideal option for the elegance that the host wanted to project with this combination of garments.


tania rincon


As always, her faithful followers did not stop expressing their opinions about it, letting her know that her mission was achieved, because they all fell in love when they saw her in this elegant, but also risky outfit.

Yes, in black and white the puppies see!!!! Wowwww! #aysi hahahaha I love you”, “I can’t with you!”, “Too beautiful”, “Beautiful”, “Precious”, “Always beautiful, the most beautiful, the brightest, the most intelligent, the only one worthwhile in that program”, are some of the comments.

The impact of this photo has caused more than 58,000 people to leave a “like” for such an avant-garde design, although it must also be said that the host’s detractors were not lacking, who ensure that the host is advised to dress up your worst enemy with comments like:

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