Tania Rincón impresses with her beautiful version of Barbie doll

tania rincon
tania rincon

What a surprise, the star of the Hoy program surprised and shocked his followers by letting himself be seen as a doll, so much so that he posed from his own box, you have to see it!

Yes, the female stars of television are true beauties , women with imposing physiques, as well as great talent and charisma, many of them could even pass for real Barbies of flesh and blood. In this sense, Tania Rincón surprised by appearing like a whole doll, ready to be bought.

Tania Rinconn


It is no secret to anyone that the presenter of the Hoy program, Tania Rincón, began her artistic career on the catwalks of beauty pageants. In those times, the famous hostess dazzled with her enchanting smile and stunning sideboard-doll silhouette of hers.

Silhouette that, with the passage of time, the multifaceted host has been molding and polishing to become what we see every day in the morning ; a dazzling figure , with a short waist and stylized attributes, just as the iconic doll with blond hair and a superb face looks like.


Through her social networks, the imposing Tania Rincón had the luxury of boasting that she is a living doll, since, to promote her next appearance on the well-known YouTube program, “Pinky Promise”, she decided to get into a box of dolls and pose like a Barbie.

A little-known facet of the host, because, despite being a beautiful television star and wearing fantastic outfits, her personality is rather that of a rude young woman, a fan of soccer and sports, who wears sportswear whenever she more possible and it’s rare to see her in an all pink attitude.


“Pinkylover, this Thursday at 7 pm the pinkyroom will be filled with anecdotes, confessions and laughter with @taniarin. With this pinky doll you can have all the fun of a morning show, in which you can dance for hours and hours to the step of the shampoo. The accessories to travel to the World Cup are sold separately ”, reads the publication.”


In the image, we see a “Barbie” Tania Rincón, dressed from head to toe in pink, showing off her beautiful “doll” smile and even posing with her limbs upright, just like these plastic figures are.

tania rincon


Without a doubt, the image has been very liked by its millions of followers, because in less than a day it has managed to capture almost 40,000 “likes”, as well as endless comments praising and flattering the beautiful Tania Rincón . It will be necessary to see this interview to learn more about the imposing, sensitive, single and multifaceted star of Mexican television.


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