Tania Rincón and her ex walk around Disneyland smiling

Tania Rinconnn
Tania Rinconnn

Despite the fact that a few weeks ago, the star of the Hoy program, Tania Rincón, tearfully announced her separation, now, the ex-partner boasts of her vacations in the famous park 

In these new times, couples who separate or divorce surprise by maintaining a friendship , a close relationship and are even able to go on vacation together, something that several years ago would have been unthinkable. One of these modern relationships is that of Tania Rincón , who is at Disneyland with her ex.


A few weeks ago, the Hoy program was on everyone’s lips when Andrea Legarreta announced her separation with Erick Rubín . Later, the scandal escalated when Tania Rincón did the same and a week later, Galilea Montijo joined the singles club.

Despite having separated from the father of her children, after 12 years of relationship, Tania Rincón , 36, now gives a lesson and an example to other young mothers that it is possible to maintain a close relationship with her ex, so much so that her family vacations they kept on standing and are now posing with big smiles for photos.


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While the controversial, Raquel Bigorra, came to host the Hoy program, the former beauty queen and star host of this morning, Tania Rincón, is spending a few days of rest and fun in that American amusement park, showing it off on her networks social.

In the images that a few hours ago, Tania Rincón, published on her Instagram account, you can see her with a huge smile from ear to ear next to the one who made her cry a few weeks ago in the middle of the live program, when she confessed what happened in their relationship; Daniel Pérez, her ex-partner.


Tania Rinconn


Both Daniel and Tania pose in the photos with their two little children, who it is unknown if they know the decision that mom and dad made, because they are still very young and may not know exactly what is happening. Hence, the effort is applauded because their children are the least affected by this situation.


tania rincon


So as if nothing had happened, the Pérez Rincón family is in a moment of great fun and fantasy. Both mom and daughter pose in the famous mouse ear headbands, while dad and son show off their T-shirts with the famous Micky Mouse.


“Amelia’s smile defines our first day at @disneyland @disneyparks #Disneyland,” Tania Rincón wrote at the bottom of her photos.”


These images have not gone unnoticed by his millions of followers and in a few hours, he has managed to have the extravagant number of more than 67 thousand “likes”, as well as a long list of comments with opinions of all kinds, of which the following stand out:


“What a beauty!! Enjoy a lot family!! Blessings to the 4! “, wrote Andrea Legarreta. While the followers commented things like: “Well, not that they are no longer together”, “Again paying for the fun of the MAINTAINED ???”, “Fight for your marriage, the children deserve to have their parents together and it is seen that You love each other, God bless you”, “So much chaos for you to continue together, it was not better to skip so many shows and if you are no longer together, only you would know… but obviously it is for the children”.


In this way, Tania Rincón has put herself in the eye of the hurricane, because while many applaud the couple’s maturity for having separated and continuing as friends, many others have dedicated themselves to criticizing her and questioning whether their breakup is true or not. No. What do you think?

What do you think?

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