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Stranger Things 3: premiere of the season in 2019

stranger things season 3
stranger things season 3

They say that good things make you wait … And that is what is happening with the premiere of Stranger Things 3, the new season of this Netflix series that will appear in June 2019. But, while we wait, in Ticketmaster we discover some of the secrets of this season

One of the series that has most triumphed in recent times has been, without a doubt, Stranger Things. It is a production of Netflix that is located in the 80s and that presents a story full of fantasy, suspense and a setting capable of making our hair stand on end.

A group of children who go to school are the protagonists of this series that has achieved great success among the majority public. But, after the 1st and 2nd season, the fans are eager to know when the premiere of Stranger Things 3 will be.

Well: the production company has announced that the release date will be delayed and, instead of being released in April 2019 (as scheduled at the beginning), it will be presented in June 2019. However, let’s not despair! It is seen that the new season will be incredibly brutal. So … patience!
The approximate release date

Are you also a fan of Stranger Things? This series has revolutionized the audiovisual production sector because it has gone one step beyond the typical suspense or police series that flooded our screens. It is a fast-paced story where fear, darkness and fantasy go hand in hand. In addition, the protagonists are a group of children who, today, have become almost our brothers.

The truth is that if you declare yourself a true fan of this series, surely you want to know when is the premiere of Stranger Things 3. Well, as we said, you must wait until the month of June 2019 when it is expected to be presented this new season. At the moment they are in full shooting and, due to the complexity of the special effects and to the improvement of the script, the production has been delayed. But nothing happens! If waiting a few more months means enjoying much more of the series … welcome be the wait !.

The reason for the delay of this third season of Stranger Things has been that the development of the scripts has gone a little slower. But that means that we have worked to achieve a high quality and, thus, the season is spectacular and amazing, like the previous two ..
Official trailer of the Netflix series

Cast and new faces

The cast of Stranger Things 3 is the same as we had seen in previous seasons. However, the most outstanding novelty is that a new character will enter, Robin, a girl who will work in the Scoop Ahoy ice cream shop and who will be Steve’s co-worker. This new actress is Maya Hawke, the daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. .

Due to the official trailer of Stranger Things 3, many fans believe that the mall will be one of the most recurrent scenarios of this new season. And, on this occasion, the story will not be placed during the school year but will take place during the summer holidays. This shopping center is very close to the laboratory where the hole that contacts Mundo Al Revés was opened. Therefore, it is believed that here many scenes will be lived in which both worlds will merge ..

Stranger Things has been a revelation in the universe of the series. For this reason, her second season has been nominated for many awards, among which highlights Best Drama Series, Secondary Actor (David Harbor, the “boss”), Secondary Actress (Millie Bobby Brown, Jane or “Eleven / Once”) , Best Direction, Best Screenplay, Best Visual Effects, etc …

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