SHINee’s Key, along with Taeyeon, expresses honest emotions after a breakup in “Hate that”

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chinki main

One of the most anticipated releases in K-Pop was the new solo song Key, one of the members of the extraordinary South Korean musical group SHINee. This is Hate that  (I hate that) a duet with Taeyeon, one of the singers of the band Girls’ Generation. Not only do we enjoy the great friendship between both idols, but now we also rejoice to enjoy their honeyed voices in a song.

Hate That is the simple pre-release of the new solo comeback of the singer, rapper, dancer, actor, presenter, and model Key South Korea (whose real name is Kim Kibum). It is an R&B track with emotional guitar sounds and a sophisticated rhythm.

According to a statement from South Korean agency SM Entertainment, the monologue-style lyrics “honestly express the hope that the other person will not forget themselves after a breakup”. Key and Taeyeon’s delicate singing will fascinate your ears.

SHINee's Key, along with Taeyeon, expresses honest emotions after a breakup in "Hate that"
SHINee member Key is 29 years old and hails from Daegu, South Korea. Photo: SM Entertainment

The Hate that MV opens with Key living alone on a space station; subsequently escapes to Earth after the station begins to malfunction. We also see the SHINee member singing in the rain, expressing his frustration towards his former romantic partner, longing for them to feel as miserable as he is.

Upon his return to Earth, Taeyeon joins, harmonizing the chorus: “and I hate that, that you are happy without me, and I pray and pray that if you loved me, you will regret more than me, I hate that you are happy.”

Key sings on Hate that:

Suddenly I am nobody to you
I am nothing more than a bad memory
that will be erased after being abandoned

Once again
I see the photo again
checking, just in case
I hate myself and I’m fed up

Ooh ooh, you still smile
ooh ooh, in a way more beautiful than anyone
ooh ooh, seeing you like this
ooh ooh, it hurts me

And I hate that
you are happy without me
and I pray and pray
that you suffer as much as I do, honey
I have the feeling that this breakup has only thrown me off balance.

For her part, Taeyeon sings:

I hope that sometime you
can hear from me somewhere
without knowing that I always wait for you

Some days
the phone doesn’t ring
I write a message several times and delete it

I’m just emptying my heart

Ooh ooh, the breakup is perfect
ooh ooh, it’s still you until the end.

SHINee's Key, along with Taeyeon, expresses honest emotions after a breakup in "Hate that"
Concept photo for Key’s pre-release single with Taeyeon. Photo: SM Entertainment

The pre-release single Hate that is a preview of Key’s new solo album, due out in late September.

It should be remembered that Key’s last solo release was I wanna be in 2019, a re-edited version of his debut solo album Face, which included collaborations with SISTAR’s Soyou, (G) I’s Soyeon- DLE, and singer Crush.

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