Shehnaaz Gill began to eat with her hands after abandoning her fork and spoon, as she stated in the video

Shehnaaz Kaur Gill
Shehnaaz Kaur Gill

Shehnaaz Gill‘s simplicity always wins the hearts of people. Another video of the Big Boss fame Punjabi actress is now going viral on the internet, in which she is seen eating food with her hands leaving a fork and spoon. In this video, Shehnaaz Gill is seen innocently waiting for her sushi sitting in a restaurant and then when the sushi plate comes in front of her, something happens that could have been expected only from Shehnaaz.

Shehnaaz was seen eating food in her hand leaving a fork and spoon,
whereas all the Bollywood actresses show tantrums in front of the camera and try to show off, while she was seen eating food with her hands leaving the fork and spoon in a big way. Shehnaaz can be seen holding a fork and chopsticks next to Gill’s plate. She is clearly saying in the video that I do not know such food.

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Shehnaaz said- It is fun to eat like golgappas seeing a person eating using chopsticks next to him, she said- Look how well he is eating. I do not know how to eat with them. After this, Shehnaaz Gill is seen eating her dish by dipping it in chutney and says that it should be eaten like golgappas are eaten.

Shehnaaz Gill’s friendship with Salman Khan is confirmed,
seeing the simplicity of Shehnaaz Gill, people were seen praising him and praising him in the comment section, saying that only Shahnaz Gill can do this. Let us tell you that she, who was a part of the reality TV show Bigg Boss, was able to travel till the finale episode. Salman Khan and she share a very good bonding.

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