Shakira’s amusing wink at ex-boyfriend Antonio de la Ra


Shakira and Bizarrap performed their most controversial song, Session #53, in front of a large percentage of the world’s population for the first time. That was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and she absolutely killed it.

What happened behind the scenes was seen by few, if anyone at all. Due to the networks and their Sherlock Holmes, a pretty amusing moment in the NBC show’s dressing room has gone viral today.

Shakira, reconnected, her ex-boyfriend, Antonio de la Rua

Its driver, the Argentine musician, and the singer had a great time together, and Fallon learned what mate meant. He was astounded. “This is fantastic. Are you serious? Have a look at this!” The acclaimed broadcaster expressed his delight at his new find.

When Antonio de la Ra abruptly enters the scene. Shakira gives Antonio de la Ra a hilarious wink.

Shakira former lover Antonio de la Rua breaks silence on reconciliation  rumours

Given Fallon’s excitement over his new toy, Argentina’s Bizarrap, he turned to Shakira and asked her the magic question. “Have you ever tried, mate?” Because the musician was probably ignorant of his relationship with her compatriot, the Colombian responded naturally.

Although the audio isn’t perfect and you have to listen carefully, you can hear what she said. “Without a doubt! I was in Argentina “, she replied lovingly, referring to Antonio but not name him.

What happened to Shakira's ex-boyfriend Antonio de la Rúa?

The chuckling in the background was recorded after this amusing nod to his buddy. This document began on the TikTok platform and has quickly traveled over the rest of the social networks.

An friendly gesture that demonstrates Shakira’s spontaneity when discussing her own experiences.

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