Shakira inspired Spotify to name a trendy playlist


The Spotify platform endorsed Shakira’s response to Piqué’s words by naming a playlist after her. Gerard Piqué addressed his ex-partner for the first time in an interview during an online event, and session #53 of Bizarrap, expressing his apparent annoyance with it, for which he made controversial statements about Shakira.


“Proud of being a Latin American”


These remarks provoked outrage on the internet, with netizens claiming that it was needless to comment on their ex-country partner’s of origin, thus they blamed him of being xenophobic, insinuating that people from Latin America were particularly annoying.


“Last year has passed, my ex-partner is Latin American, that is, you do not know what I get on social networks from people who are fans of her, but thousands of barbarities.”


Before all of this current commotion, the singer Shakira responded to Gerard Piqué via his Twitter account, saying: Attaching all of the continent’s flags, for which it received support from social media users and celebrities who publicly support Colombia.

As it should be! In homage and support of Shakira, the Spotify site dubbed a trendy playlist “Glad to be Latin American,” attaching a photograph of the interpreter of ” Que me quedes t “.

Shakira Singles (ft Bzrp Vol. 53 out now!) - playlist by Shakira | Spotify


Despite the fact that the majority of people support the singer during the intense scandal that erupted following Piqué’s infidelity, there is a segment of social media that declares itself to be “team Piqué,” promising that the Barranquilla woman is not taking things lightly. maturity.

Since the Spaniard made a comment regarding the artist’s “fight” with Bizarrap in the same interview, revealing that he was not amused, promising that it had repercussions for people’s mental stability involved.

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