Shakira incites outrage when she returns on television and describes how terrible her life has been.

shakira scaled
shakira scaled

Shakira is the talk of the town once more, after her most recent return to television sparked outrage by revealing how difficult everything has been and performing with Bizarrap.

Finally, Shakira and Bizarrap performed their hit “BZRP Music Sessions #53” live for the first time on the famous American show “The Tonight Show” on NBC, hosted by Jimmy Fallon, and there, to everyone’s astonishment, Shakira opened her heart and disclosed her sentiments at this moment.

Without a doubt, the song by Shakira and Gerard Piqué has been giving people something to talk about for months, and even more so when the Colombian marked a before and after in her musical career by releasing this song that clearly demonstrated much more than her failed love story.


Because of the foregoing, Shakira’s first performance on a television programme singing this song for the first time with Bizarrap has become the news of the moment, in addition to assisting the Colombian in expressing her feelings in these, moments, admitting that everything has been “very difficult” since his separation from Piqué.

The thing with this song is that it has become a kind of anthem for so many women out there (…) It has been a healthy way to channel my emotions”, Shakira confessed in this interview.

On the show, Shakira discussed various areas of her life and how her children have been instrumental in her healing process; even the famous assured that this song was supported by Milan, the singer’s eldest son and a huge fan. from Bizarrap.

According to Shakira, Bizarrap is the “new Argentine god” in terms of music for her son. Based on that suggestion, the partnership was carried out, with the little child witnessing the entire recording process and eventually being one of the special guests on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Another statement that garnered attention during Shakira’s television appearance was her admission about how difficult it has been to confront all of this incident and how this song has helped her in her path.

I’ve had a very hard year after my separation and writing this song has been very important to me,” Shakira said.

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