Mercadona becomes a media and social media craze nearly every week. If a product is taken off the shelves or added in, Juan Roig’s grocery chain will quickly become a trend setter.

This time around, though, you may thank the newfound availability of this item in your freezer for the phenomenon. The secret to Mercadona’s success is simple: sell more of whatever tastes like Kinder Bueno.


The company’s latest milk and hazelnut cream has already taken the dessert world by storm, and now they want to cash in on its viral success by turning it into a liqueur. A video of tiktoker Peldanyos, who has over 1.2 million followers, trying out the new product went viral. There’s a new candy on the market, and it’s expected to sell out quickly.

The young man assured me that I could purchase the cake at any Mercadona near me for just 10 euros: While demonstrating the new dessert’s inner workings, he asked, “It’s not pricey for a cake, is it?” He reassures himself, “How does it look!” “It’s packed and manufactured, but the flavor isn’t terrible. In my opinion, it’s well worth it “He elaborated, giving the item a rating. copyright

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As predicted, the video quickly gained widespread online attention, racking up nearly two million views in only a single day. Many individuals have hurried to the supermarket in search of the Valencian in order to post a comment on it. Others, however, have been left with honey on their lips (or, more accurately, the kindergarten) and no cake: “We went to look for it and there was no more,” they claimed, confirming the success.

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Mercadona has pulled 10 items from sale.

But it’s not all good news: Mercadona mysteriously pulled 10 items from shelves in recent days. Cheese and rosemary focaccia and stracciatella drinking batios are the pioneers. And of course, the Canarian mojo picón sauce, pastry cream, candied watermelons, fruit-filled black chocolate balls, and so on.

It has also done so with its well-known buckwheat pasta and pistachio mochis, among other things. They’ve removed items from the shoe store, parapharmacy, and perfume counters, and the list goes on.

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