Selena Gomez Golden Globes 2023: The Singer Brought the Most Adorable Surprise Date to the Event!

Rashi Gautam
Rashi Gautam
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Selena Gomez Sister Date Golden Globes 2023
selena gomez sister date golden globes 2023

Selena Gomez Golden Globes 2023: At the end of the day, Selena Gomez wasn’t alone after all, at the Golden Globes in 2023. Nominated for Best Actress in a Television Series, Musical or Comedy, the star of Only Murders in the Building brought along a very special, cute date—and no, it wasn’t a new lover.

Gomez appeared with her younger sister, Gracie Teefey, who is nine years old, on the red carpet. At the same time when Gomez was wearing a black dress with dramatic plum sleeves, Gracie was dressed to impress in a beautiful gold gown.

Selena Gomez Golden Globes 2023

Gomez and Gracie are extremely close, and in 2022, Gomez told her friend Raquelle Stevens that Gracie is the “rainbow” in her “cloud.” Even at the tender age of eight, “she puts things in perspective,” as Gomez put it.

There’s no finer feeling in the world than watching this tiny thing develop into a full-fledged human being. Though I don’t have biological children, I often feel like a parent. Seeing how easy things used to be gives me hope, and I want to be able to take pleasure in life as much as she does on occasion.

Selena Gomez Golden Globes 2023

Gomez wrote an Instagram post in October 2017 about the significance of being a good example to her younger sister Gracie, who was then just four years old.

Gomez pledged, “I will always remind my sister that she is strong, courageous, and gorgeous.”

In our household, she will be taught early on that her opinion counts. One day, she will realise the value of leadership and be an example for others by speaking the truth.

Selena Gomez Golden Globes 2023


What’s going on in Selena Gomez’s Personal Life?

At the moment, Gomez is single, although she’d be interested in dating. On December 29, a source told Entertainment Tonight,

“Selena is feeling positive and optimistic.”

Selena Gomez Golden Globes 2023

Dating is an option for her. She has recently been linked to rumours that she is dating Bradley Beckham, the 33-year-old sibling of Nicola Peltz Beckham.

Even the shady celeb gossip Instagram account DeuxMoi had a source saying the two weren’t dating.

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