Sara Corrales comes to a halt and wraps everything in silk

Sara Corraless
Sara Corraless

The stunning Colombian actress sent her fans a good night gift in the form of an image in which Sara Corrales made everyone fall in love.

The one linked to a well-known Mexican actor shook the photo platform once more after appearing in one of his latest Instagram stories wearing a silk robe in which Sara Corrales, with whom Gabriel Soto announced his love, paralyzed the platform.

Foto: Sara Corrales dejó sin aliento a sus seguidores con este vestido de  baño

The beauty of the “Protagonistas de Novela” interpretation has left many speechless, and it was in one of her stories that the 37-year-old actress, model, and businesswoman captured the hearts of her more than 3 million followers.

Sara Corrales, a Medelln local, has not only melted Gabriel Soto’s heart, who they say “filled her with messages and words of love,” Laura Zapata said a few days ago, in the middle of a snapshot she published before bed, Sara Corrales waved farewell to his followers wishing good night.

Sara Corrales

At the bottom of the image, she scribbled a small sentence that reads: “Rest,” which is accompanied by a photograph of a pale pink dress with a prominent neckline covered with black lace.

The interpreter of ” rsula Hernández ” shows herself from bed with a change of look that she underwent after finishing the recordings, for which she decided to return to the brown tone that she wore before her performance in the production, where she shared credits with Irina Baeva’s boyfriend, whom they assure, ended up “rejecting”.

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