Rupert Grint on the experience of being a father: ‘It’s all I truly care about,’ she says.

Wednesday, Rupert Grint revealed what it’s like to be a father to a one-year-old girl.

The Actor Revealed He Is Loving Fatherhood

According to the Rupert Grint Harry Potter star, “It’s fantastic. I’m having a great time being a father. It’s just the finest. It’s incredible how it fully takes over everything. It’s all I’m actually interested in, so it’s been fantastic.”

Grint also mentioned his daughter’s reaction after he took her on the set of his M. Night Shyamalan series, calling it a “proud” moment.

The actor went on to say that, despite the fact that the show was a thriller, his daughter assumed she was on the set of Sesame Street.

Grint and longterm girlfriend Georgia Groome had their first child in 2020.

Meanwhile, the actor is preparing to appear in Harry Potter’s reunion special, Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts, which marks the 20th anniversary of the legendary film.

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Written by Arun Sharma


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