Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are contemplating a huge US power play, according to reports.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are preparing a takeover as part of their rebranding as a “satellite Royal Family” for the United States.

Meghan Markle Prince Harry plotting major US power play
Meghan Markle Prince Harry plotting major US power play

Duncan Larcombe, a royal specialist, revealed this during a recent interview with OK! Magazine.

“An American trip was inevitable because they’re our closest ally,” he explained to the outlet, “but it’s tricky because as things stand, there’s no way on earth that Prince William would want to share any part of an official royal tour representing the Queen, Britain, and the Commonwealth with Prince Harry.”

“We’re seeing more and more indicators that Harry and Meghan are establishing themselves as a satellite Royal Family in America.” Meghan uses her position to try to sway key political personalities in America.”

“Harry is still Prince Harry, and he and Meghan can be ferried about New York as if nothing has happened.”

“But, of course, they’re not royals, and we’ve been assured by palace officials that Harry and Meghan will not be joining William and Kate for any formal aspect of this tour.”

“We don’t know the specifics of the trip yet, but the last time William and Kate visited America, they attended a red carpet event in Los Angeles with emerging stars of British film.”

He went on to add, before concluding, “Even if an event is planned in Los Angeles this time, I’m told Harry and Meghan would not go unless they are invited individually and discreetly. So there won’t be a reunion of the Fab Four, that’s for sure.”

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Written by Arun Sharma


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