Professor Ral Sandoval recalls the time Daniel Bisogno made advances at his intimate areas.

Daniel Bisogno host of Ventaneando
Daniel Bisogno host of Ventaneando

Daniel Bisogno made headlines last weekend when he posted a photo of himself with a young man named Jess Carrillo, who has been recognized as his sentimental companion on numerous occasions. However, this is not the first time the two have been seen together.

It’s been a hot topic for several months because of the contentious ‘Ventaneando’ anchor who hasn’t opted to talk publicly about his sexual inclinations.

Ral Sandoval, the singer who became famous as a member of ‘La Academia’s first-generation,’ said in July of this year that his friendship with Bisogno had come to an end. A hair from the driver, who purposefully tried to touch his private areas during a party.

This time around, the singer recalled the painful incident that the communicator had experienced at a party when he felt confident enough to reach out and touch it. However, at that point, the communicator decided to leave the area to avoid any further complications, and they never spoke about it again because the driver never approached to apologize.

“It happened during a party, at a certain moment. When that happened, I immediately put the blame on the drink. The fact that I was contacted in the first place and treated so rudely. End of the day he wasn’t harassing me; I just left the party because he tried to do something and I wasn’t comfortable with that.

During an interview, the singer admitted that he had no idea how to tell whether or not one of his pals had homosexual preferences. He specifically mentioned Daniel Bisogno, whom he had considered to be a close buddy.

Because I am not here to judge anyone, much less my friends, I thought we had a really strong bond and were extremely trustworthy. But the truth is that I have never been particularly good at detecting sexual preferences in friends.

When asked if their friendship had ended because of Ral Sandoval’s sexual orientation, he said no.

Because I’m not homophobic, I don’t mind if he’s gay or straight; it makes no difference to me whether or not I like him. I have gay siblings as close friends with whom I am OK.


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