Paris Hilton On Having Two Identities to Cope With Stress: Made Barbie Doll Dream Life To…

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton, an American socialite, stated that her on-screen image was a “trauma response” and a means for her to cope with the pressures. Further information can be found here.

Paris Hilton just published her memoir, ‘Paris: A Memoir,’ in which she revealed some key details about her life. Her followers have been saddened by the upsetting circumstances of her childhood and adolescence.

Paris Hilton Talks About Having Dual Characters To Deal With Pressure: "Created  Barbie Doll Fantasy Life To..."

In a surprising turn of events, the American socialite confessed that her on-screen image was a “trauma response” and a mechanism for her to cope with life’s responsibilities.

The 42-year-old TV personality rose to prominence in the early 2000s with the show ‘The Simple Life,’ in which she and companion Nicole Richie switched their opulent lifestyles for simple houses, according to

Paris Hilton Talks About Having Dual Characters To Deal With Pressure: "Created  Barbie Doll Fantasy Life To..."

Nevertheless, the person she was in front of the cameras and on the red carpet was a “mask,” the star revealed on ‘The One Show’. Paris Hilton discussed her memoir with Rylan Clark and Jermaine Jenas this evening, recalling the truly terrible moments in her adolescence.

Paris Hilton said that she was drugged and r*ped when she was 15, molested by a teacher, and sexually abused while attending a Utah boarding school.

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According to, Paris was already well-known in the New York social scene as an heiress and model before landing ‘The Simple Life’ in her early twenties, which lasted four years.

Jermaine asked the entrepreneur whether she had “two characters” and if she found herself “stuck between two Paris Hiltons, the real Paris Hilton and the characters she’s created?”

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“I think what I went through was a trauma response where I created this character, this Barbie doll fantasy life so I didn’t have to think about what I went through, and then I got ‘The Simple Life,’ and then I had to continue playing that character season after season and then almost got stuck in it because I got so used to doing it,” the TV star responded. To deal with all of the expectations, it was like wearing a mask.”

Paris Hilton is a powerful and fearless woman. Her horrific narrative serves as a reminder to everyone to stay strong, combat evil, and keep going.

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