Pandora Kaaki models a monokini tied up in the sun

Achieving a complete tan, the Filipino-Lebanese model grabbed the spotlight from the beach and her swimsuit was the sensation

Pandora Kaaki 1 e1643628929405
Pandora Kaaki 1 e1643628929405

Taking advantage of the sun’s rays, Pandora Kaaki surprises her followers again and with a flashy swimsuit, she turned heads from the sand, showing that at 23 years of age she is in full youth and her outfits are ideal to achieve a full tan.

The beleaguered model of a Filipino mother and a Lebanese father has not stopped causing a stir on social networks, arousing even more envy than she wanted, because her fandom has grown so much that although at first they only rained compliments on her, the truth is that now it counts with detractors because of their postcards.

It was through her official Instagram account that Pandora Kaaki shared with her ardent fans a publication in which she appears enjoying the beach while wearing nothing more and nothing less than a tied-up monokini with a tribal design in bright colors.

So the model decided to model in front of the camera lens in a daring pose sitting on the shore of the beach while it was filled with sand due to the sea breeze, so her summer outfit ended up again taking the ovation of their own and strangers on social networks.

This is how they only had to spend a few hours being pampered by her entourage of admirers, who let her know that they are her red-bone fans and that despite having been absent because she took a few days off.

Pandora continues to cause the same impact. The compliments and compliments were also not lacking along with the red hearts and fire emojis that are used so much in the little camera application.

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