Pandora Kaaki surprises everyone by wearing a leotard and takes the title of Goddess

Between the sheets and with a cotton leotard, the Filipino model highlighted her beauty and in seconds showed that she is still all the rage

All wet Pandora Kaakis look stares at what she loves
All wet Pandora Kaakis look stares at what she loves

Completely taking the attention of locals and strangers, Pandora Kaaki once again revolutionized social networks by showing from her warm room that in a pure pink cotton leotard she is still one of the Internet users’ favorites and earned the title of Goddess.

And it is that the famous model of a Filipino mother and a Lebanese father, has not stopped completely stealing the looks with her other striking outfits, however, thanks to her skill and that intrepid way of modeling, she managed in seconds to show off like never before and like few.

It was through her official Instagram account that Pandora Kaaki knew how to crown herself on social networks by sharing a great series of three photographs in which she used nothing more and nothing less than a pink cotton leotard with buttons on the front, in addition to being from long sleeves to combat the cold of the night.

So the striking pajamas of the model ended up hogging the spotlight, showing that her style continues to be adopted by young women and sets a trend at just 23 years of age. To model, she did it with total ease between the sheets in front of the camera lens.

This is how they only had to spend a couple of hours for the influencer’s publication to take more than 360 thousand reactions of ‘likes’ in the form of the well-known red hearts, in addition, her entourage of admirers did not stop praising her clothing and how is it that even in pajamas she is still the favorite in networks, even when she took a few months to rest from technology.

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