Pandora Kaaki models a blue robe and hooks looks between the sheets

In her youth, the Filipino-Lebanese model took the risk of wearing translucent pajamas, but her fans in seconds gave her compliments for such an eye-catching outfit.

In the back seat Pandora Kaaki shows off her animal print with ease
In the back seat Pandora Kaaki shows off her animal print with ease

Sweeping social networks, Pandora Kaaki is again crowned by her entourage of admirers, after surprising from her warm room wearing nothing more and nothing less than a translucent blue robe with which she grabbed the spotlight in seconds.

And it is that the famous model from the Philippines seems to have found a way to surprise locals and strangers alike with her striking outfits, even moments before bedtime, showing that she has the ability to continue increasing followers on social networks.

It was through her official Instagram account that Pandora Kaaki shared with her ardent admirers a third of photographs in which she unravels between the white sheets and in a magazine pose catches eyes with that translucent blue gown with lace detail.

So the influencer with a Filipino mother and a Lebanese father wanted to model in front of the camera lens while she is on her knees on the sheets and wearing those striking blue pajamas that in seconds took the ovation from her fans.

Only a couple of hours passed and the postcards of the 23-year-old model ended up receiving more than 294 thousand reactions of “likes” in the form of the well-known red hearts, which is the way in which they are given the likes in the famous social network of the little camera.

The Youtuber has also been characterized by making content that is pleasing to the eyes of her more than 4.7 million followers, despite the fact that she was away from social networks for a time due to a problem with her account, the truth is that upon her return it was equally welcome and as if he had never left.

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