What to watch on Netflix: a charming space sitcom from the creators of ‘The Office’ that was unfairly canceled

Rachita Salian
Rachita Salian
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The difficulty with television comedies is that they are rarely perfectly shot right away. Some of the most beloved ones, like ‘ Seinfeld ‘, ‘ The Office ‘ or ‘ Parks and Recreation ‘, didn’t finish finding their tone and characters until late in the second season. At this point, both writers and actors have a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t, and what kind of series they want to be.

Sure, that’s incompatible with this “golden age of shows” where they’re sent en masse to the meat grinder to be gobbled up, and if they don’t work right away they’re ostracized from which they’ll only get out through a little mishap in the algorithm. recommendations. And by then they may be finished, without having the luck to grow that they deserved. The recently canceled ‘ Space Force ‘, from the Netflix catalog, is an example of this.

Take off as you can At this point, it is already a bit lazy to talk about expectations to explain why something has not finished working, but in this case, they are relevant. ‘Space Force’ came from the hand of Greg Daniels and Steve Carell, two of the main forces that made ‘The Office’ a success – one as a creator and another as a star. Netflix invested a lot of money in this project that they made intending to satirize the unsatirizable: a space military force created in real life by Donald Trump.

With these names, the idea was a bit the least of it. The streaming platform thought it had its own ‘ The Office ‘ here, but with references to space and NASA, material full of keywords to highlight. They spared no expense on their investment, and there Daniels and Carrell found themselves a bit overwhelmed. The temptation to use such amounts for their budget almost forced them to prioritize ambitious set pieces that were also not the highlight of the series.

Beyond powerful-scale training missions, the best finds that made ‘Space Force’ highly esteemed were on a smaller scale. His cast, which in addition to Carrell included contrasting people like John Malkovich, Lisa Kudrow, or Ben Schwartz as well as interesting new faces like Tawny Newsome, Jimmy O. Yang, or Diana Silvers, managed to work almost immediately. They found a particular key for their respective characters and little by little they established dynamics that worked, both in-jokes and in emotion.

‘Space Force’: better with the heart than with ambition
We usually use the qualifier “nice” in the same way that that possible partner with whom they want to mess with calls her “nice”, but in the case of ‘Space Force’ it is something that suits her. Its sitcom spirit allowed these interactions between characters to be explored with care, to try subplots with different characters to see what came out, and the actors had the opportunity to fully outline the strengths of their characters in the comic section.
It didn’t always elicit laughs or touch your heart, but it had the tools to grow in a way to get there. But the low-key way in which the first season went by ended up making Netflix nervous. Its second season, which premiered behind the scenes a few months ago, seemed much more limited in resources.

Something with which they laugh in the series itself, making the arc of the season revolve around the budget cuts that this branch of the armed forces has and that it must meet the objectives in order not to be closed, so the people who made the series knew what was there. Ironically (spoiler), the characters achieve their goal, but not the series itself, which leaves them without the opportunity to fully find its potential.

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