Marlene Favela flaunts her curves in a form-fitting floral gown

Marlene Favela.
Marlene Favela.

Marlene Favela strikes again with her stunning beauty, boasting that she is a woman with a short waist and big hips in a stunning and beautifully fitting flowery gown.

What a way to celebrate the premiere of her new telenovela, the one that Marlene Favela had, because she showed off her hips and mermaid form while dressed in a stunning gown. In this new soap, Marlene Favela surprises in a role she rarely plays: the villain.

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She has been in melodramas such as “Wild Cat”, “Against Wind and Tide”, and “The Fox, the Sword, and the Rose”. Marlene Favela has demonstrated in them that she is more than just a gorgeous face and a woman with a heart-stopping body; her strong card is her gift for her performance.

Marlene Favela’s skill, persistence, and now a long career full of accomplishments in Mexico and abroad back her. As a result, whenever the famous woman is seen in powerful images and risky ensembles, it causes quite a stir, because it is evident that she is one of those actresses that captivates with her beauty.

Marlene Favela

Marlene Favela has recently captivated everyone’s attention with a daring, stylish, and new attire that is perfect for the impending spring season. The actress has set trends with numerous of her ensembles, some of which are part of her clothing line, but this time she made an impression and soon became a favorite among her fans.

The famous actress wore a gorgeous strapless dress that reached her knees and highlighted her curves while emphasizing her tiny waist. The dress had a lovely floral print, and she looked stunning in it because of its style and vibrant colors.

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Marlene paired her stunning and fitting dress with some beautiful salmon-colored sneakers, adding a fresh and stylish touch. The famous woman wore natural makeup and wore her hair in soft waves for her styling.

All of this lovely and exquisite attire was posted with a beautiful snapshot on her Instagram account, so not only her followers, but also numerous of her coworkers and acquaintances, commented to her appearance and beauty.

“In my guajiro dreams, one day you appear foolish, hahaha. I think that doesn’t even happen when you just got up,” commented the actress, Gaby Platas.”

During the transmission of its first chapter, Marlene Favela’s new telenovela “El amor invencible” shattered the audience record, surpassing 11 million people on open television in Mexico.

Furthermore, viewers were enthralled by the plot, which had them hooked from the start. Although Marlene Favela has not yet appeared as “Columba Villarreal,” it is believed that when she does, she will elicit a wide range of reactions.

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Marlene Favela is thrilled to play this renowned figure alongside Angelique Boyer, Daniel Elbittar, Danilo Carrera, Leticia Calderón, and Guillermo Garca Do.

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