Mariana Echeverría and Oscar Jiménez are going through a difficult time

mariana echeverria
mariana echeverria

The television host and participant in the program Hoy, 4 components, among others, is open and honest about the terrible time she and her family are experiencing.

The participant in the Hoy show recounted the terrible time she and her husband, scar Jiménez, are going through, with whom Mariana Echeverría was expecting her second child.

Mariana Echeverria

The wife of the America goalkeeper opened her heart and described the tough time she went through a few weeks ago when she broke the bad news to her followers that her pregnancy had been terminated.

According to Mariana Echeverría, a dancer from Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy, she had just found out she was pregnant when she miscarried.

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The comedian was not honest about her situation until now because she would not have shared that she was waiting sweetly. The truth is that she has always been open to her community of followers, which is why the participant of 4 elements and other challenges shared a deep reflection on what happens in your life.

The “guilas goalkeeper pair” has attempted to use strength to overcome this predicament and take the good from it, he said, while also relying on his family.

Mariana Echeverria 3


Similarly, the presenter, who was born on June 10, 1984, has taken time to process this terrible blow3 and the illusions it would have created for her when she became a mother for the second time:

“I sobbed, I was terrified, but I took my time to internalize it,” she said as she held her Lucca and Scar, whom she is fortunate to have in her life.

Mariana Echeverria denied rumors of her divorce: “We are more in love than ever” - Infobae


In this way, she also reaffirmed her confidence in God and the new plans he has for her, and she delivered a message to all the ladies who have been in a similar circumstance, “It is not simple.

Let yourself to be loved, apapachar, and tell the people you care about the most to get that small pain that causes us,” and most importantly, he advised, “Never blame yourself.” “.

The member of ” Me caigo de Risa ” and the Coapa soccer player became parents for the first time in 2020, thus the couple will undoubtedly try to become parents again.

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