Manelyk González: This is how he looked when the reality show Acapulco Shore began

Manelyk Gonzalez 5
Manelyk Gonzalez 5

There is no doubt that on social networks, the influencer Manelyk González has become one of the public’s favorites, and it is that she draws so much attention with her beauty and of course her curves, that many people admire her.

Manelyk Gonzalez 3 e1640511370191


In fact, the main reason she gave was to focus on her own business and social media career.

As you can remember, from the beginning, the businesswoman was one of the public’s favorites, thanks to her personality.

When she entered the program, the influencer was only 25 years old, although in reality she looked much younger.

At that time it was evident that she had not undergone surgery , since she did not have any aesthetic touch-ups, but her evolution has been the most natural, compared to the rest of her former teammates.


Manelyk Gonzalez 6


Mainly, the most notorious thing is that Manelyk underwent a rhinoplasty , to refine the shape of his nose, in addition, he toned his body, based on exercise and a balanced diet.

It is worth mentioning that the increase in her front charms is something that she has also shown off, and she has never hidden it, since she is always proud of the change she gave.


Manelyk Gonzalez 4


Something that caught the attention of the young woman was her long black hair, because it was her natural tone.

Today, the businesswoman has short hair and her face shows more changes; In addition to rhinoplasty, we see that she has decided to resort to botox , to reduce expression lines and increase the volume of her lips.


Manelyk Gonzalez 4


She also has eyelash extensions, to make her look more striking, in addition, the influencer has chosen to use more natural makeup, which makes her look younger, since at 33 years old, the passage of time is not noticeable.


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