Luca, the new Pixar movie: How to watch it online on its release date

A new animated production from the giant film studio hits the streaming screens of Disney Plus and here we give you all the details.


In the following note we will tell you the details of the film and how you can see the funny and emotional film from today with adults and children.

What is Luca from Pixar about?

“Luca is set in a town on the Italian coast and tells the story of a teenager who spends an unforgettable summer full of adventures together with his new friend Alberto. But they both have a secret that could spoil the party: they are actually two sea monsters from the bottom of the ocean! ”, Dictates the synopsis published by Disney Plus .

The idea of ​​the film has its roots in the childhood of the director of the film, Enrico Casarosa, and his adventures with his friend Alberto (the same name as Luca’s best friend, as a tribute). The rare and unlikely but ultimately endearing friendship of the Italian duo contains certain metaphors for the filmmaker’s personal experiences.

Where to watch the movie Luca online?

Luca is a Disney-Pixar production and is available exclusively through the Disney Plus streaming platform , so you need an active subscription to that service to enjoy it.

Can I watch Luca for free on Disney Plus?
Disney Plus has different types of subscription, but if you are new to the platform, you can access a seven-day free trial period to its entire catalog of movies and series, including Luca. Remember that after that week, the cost of the service will be S / 25.90.

Trailer of Luca in Disney Plus
In case you haven’t seen Luca’s trailer yet , we’ll leave it below. Remember that you can already see it today through Disney Plus in Latin America.

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