Lis Vega teaches us how to wear fringes and look unattainable

Lis Vega 1
Lis Vega 1

For one of her most recent presentations on stage, the vedette Lis Vega was wearing one of her most seductive and dynamic dresses

During one of her most recent presentations on stage, the vedette Lis Vega shared through social networks a series of photographs and videos of the best moments of her show.

Lis Vega amazes


For the long-awaited occasion, she was wearing one of her most seductive and dynamic dresses in a vibrant blue color that would hardly go unnoticed, creating a fun effect with its layered fringe structure.

If something characterizes Lis Vega as an artist , it is her way of thanking for the opportunities that are presented to her, accompanying the photos with a brief message:


“I AM GRATEFUL for my story, my process and what I am experiencing today, I know that behind everything there is a perfect plan for me,” he said in the description of the post.”




“BEAUTIFUL AND GREAT WOMAN!”, “Excellent Images @lisvegaoficial Always an excellent day”, “Only a Queen How can you wear a similar garment with the hanger that you are”, “You are a SUPER PRECIOUS woman”, were some of the comments of the fans.


Lis Vega opens her jacket and tans her babes on the beach


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