Lee Min Ho is an icon of luxury for SMDC, the brand for which he is an ambassador

Lee Min
Lee Min

Actor Lee Min Ho is now an ambassador for SMDC, a company that chose him for his status making him an icon of luxury.

Lee Min Ho not only stands out as an actor, but also works as a model and ambassador for different brands. He recently began collaborating with SMDC, a company that chose him seeing it as an icon of luxury.


Lee Min Ho Takes New Pr Ambassador Role For King Sejong Institute


We know that Lee Min Ho is an excellent Korean actor , he has conquered the world with his characters in various iconic K-Dramas such as ‘Boys Over Flowers’, ‘The Heirs’, ‘The King: Ethernal Monarch’ and more recently in ‘ Pachinko’ which was a global success.

We have seen this actor work with companies like Louis Vuitton or BOSS that have him as one of their favorite models and ambassadors thanks to the success of their campaigns with him. A new collaboration was recently announced .

The  SMDC brand chose Lee Min Ho as an ambassador and this company named him as an icon of luxury , it was for this reason that they chose him to collaborate on their new campaign.


Lee Minho X Smdc: A Match Made In Hallyu Heaven • L!Fe • The Philippine Star


SMDC chose Lee Min Ho as an ambassador for being an icon of luxury

The Philippine company SMDC recently announced that Lee Min Ho is their new ambassador. In an interview with one of the marketing heads of this company, he said that they chose the Korean actor to work with them because of his status as a luxury icon. Even his campaign slogan with the actor is ‘Step into luxury.’ SMCD is a real estate development company, one of the largest in the Philippines.


“SMDC partnered with Lee Min Ho because he emulates many qualities that SMDC stands for: excellence, innovation, and sophistication. His qualities have made him an exemplary and world-class actor. More than an actor, he pursues his potential in other aspects and succeeds in them, as a model, director, businessman.”


As we can see, Lee Min Ho not only serves as an ambassador for fashion brands but even for companies in higher and perhaps a little unexpected categories. But equally great and in which we can see him shine in his campaigns


Lee Min Ho Is The New Face Of Smdc - Freebiemnl


Lee Min Ho Takes Over The Most Luxurious Places In The Philippines In His Campaign With SMDC


Lee Min Ho’s campaign with SMDC is already on display and the Korean actor has appeared in the biggest and most luxurious venues in the Philippines to promote his  collaboration as an ambassador with this real estate company. Fans have been able to find the drama actor in various places.



We hope to see more brands working with Lee Min Ho, as I am from Mexico, I would like to see him work with a Mexican company, although not which one would be appropriate, I don’t think Totis would suit the actor, LMAO.

What do you think?

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