Lady Gaga steals the Oscars with her good heart and simplicity

lady gaga
lady gaga

Lady Gaga‘s reaction to seeing a guy in difficulty went viral in a matter of hours, and by assisting him, she stole Oscar night for her good deed.

The Oscars 2023 Awards were held on Sunday, March 12th, and were the biggest film event of the year. This year’s event provided its recipients enough to speak about, but Lady Gaga herself took one of the most unexpected moments.

Lady Gaga

And it is that the actress and singer starred in a moment that will be remembered for all time, because, unlike her colleagues, the star made a wonderful gesture with one of the photographers photographing the event, who fell and received assistance from the famous actress.

Exactly as you read it, in the middle of the red carpet catwalk, hundreds of photographers covering the event and vying for the best photo of the celebs forced one of them to tumble to the ground in the commotion in front of the diva’s eyes, who did not behave indifferently.

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Beyond the accident, which is common in this type of coverage, what drew the most attention was Lady Gaga’s reaction, who, upon witnessing the man fall to the ground, did not continue on his route; instead, she was the only person who approached the man to help him.

A gesture that, without a doubt, has re-established Lady Gaga as one of her fans’ darlings, who have always emphasized the pop diva’s excellent heart and sensitivity in English.

The instant Lady Gaga is astonished to see the photographer fall is fairly evident in the photographs that have gone viral all over the internet, and as a first impulse, the celebrity did not mind wearing a tremendous dress, anyway, she wanted to help.

Lady Gaga attended this gala since her song “Top Gun: Maverick” was nominated for Best Song. Although the singer did not win the trophy, she did earn praise from the audience and those in attendance for her lovely gesture.

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