Kim Kardashian makes her first appearance on Saturday Night Live as a presenter and teases the release of her infamous music video.

She used her opening monologue to address some of the issues surrounding her professional career.

Kim Kardashian.

As the host of the legendary comedy show ” Saturday Night Live,” Kim Kardashian stunned many of her followers by tackling some of the more awkward situations in her life with humour. She also left many of her admirers with their mouths open.

Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend is not afraid of the ridicule and controversy that has dogged her life, therefore she has had no trouble addressing topics like her pornographic film from a few years ago, which some Internet users believe helped propel her to prominence.

‘Yes, I’m also astonished to be here,’ began the traditional monologue, where special guests have used it for years as a platform to discuss uncomfortable problems through humor, as was the case with Kardashian this time around.

Asserting her presence and explaining to the viewers that she was perplexed by the invitation because she had not made a film debut in years and did not understand why the producers of the show had invited her, she clarified that the only film she had made had no idea when it will be released.

She showed off her outstanding beauty in a pink gown and straightened out her long hair during her participation and has earned wonderful compliments from network users and fans of the show.

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