It was decided that Laura Flores and Gabriel Porras would no longer be participating in “As Se Baila.”

The performers told us privately, “We were aware that it was exceedingly difficult for us to be picked by vote, by popularity.

Laura Flores Y Gabriel Porras. Foto: Alex Tamargo/Telemundo

They were the second contestants to be evicted from ‘As Se Baila,’ and their predictions came true just as they had envisioned. There are still two more weeks left in the tournament for actors Kim Loaiza and JD Pantoja, who battled against them.

Laura and Porras had an emotional night and were unsurprised by the news. In fact, we contacted them minutes after their last gala concluded, and they were so certain that this was going to happen that Flores had even purchased a plane ticket to Houston to visit her daughter.

It’s true that Laura Flores had previously purchased her ticket to Houston to meet her daughter, but she acknowledges that she was already abroad to progress her business. Laura Flores also admits that leaving will be difficult.

When it was evident to us that winning by popular vote was going to be difficult for us, it was exciting for me because I will miss all of my friends, including Kim and JD,” Laura says.

Among reality show contestants, this is one of the rare groups to develop into a tight-knit group that feels more like a family. Thus, when Jacky Bracamontes announced the rejected pair, JD and Kim burst into tears, their remorse palpable. They were consoled by Flores and Porras.

Laura Flores and Gabriel Porras were terminated in the manner described above by their coworkers.

This Is How Gabriel Porras And Laura Flores Are Fired By Their Companions. 1
This Is How Gabriel Porras And Laura Flores Are Fired By Their Companions. Photo: Alex Tamargo / Telemundo

Because the folks we were competing with have a large following on social media, we were aware that the competition would be quite difficult. Porras continues, “We were prepared.

They also agree on what they lacked: “Popularity… ” We think we’ve got something special to offer in this contest. If they’re not needed, we’d like to stay a little longer.

Both Laura and Gabriel vowed to keep dancing and were pleased that, despite being the oldest pair in the competition, they were able to compete with more youthful couples who had more supple bodies.

Take a look at this conversation between Laura Flores and Gabriel Porras:




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