Kim Kardashian explains valuing health and altering her lifestyle after her weight reduction at the Met Gala

kim kardashian 14
kim kardashian 14

It gave me a lot of insight into my lifestyle and health, and even then, I’ve kept up my good eating.

Kim Kardashian is reportedly busy balancing her personal and professional lives, parenting her four children after her divorce from rapper Kanye “Ye” West, and pursuing a new relationship with comedian Pete Davidson, according to The Kardashians star.

In a recent visit to the Today program, the reality TV personality and founder of SKIMS looked verIty stylish while rocking a platinum blond bob hairstyle.

She spoke candidly on a variety of personal topics, including her recent weight loss that garnered worldwide attention at the Met Gala.

The businesswoman and aspiring lawyer spoke about shedding 16 pounds to fit into the legendary Marilyn Monroe dress for the Gala, saying it “taught [her] a lot about [her] lifestyle and [her] health.”

She also acknowledged that she “truly wanted to wear this dress” and that she “looked at [the Met Gala] as a part.”

The 41-year-old said that in all, she had shed roughly 21 pounds since then.

“It truly taught me a lot about my lifestyle and health, and even then, I’ve kept up eating pretty well.

I’ve now lost 21 pounds.

I don’t want to continue attempting to reduce weight, but I feel more energized than before.

I drastically reduced my sugar intake, which made me realize how much junk food, particularly fried meals, I was consuming.

And I recently altered my lifestyle totally,” the Kardashian family member was cited as saying.

Her remarks followed criticism that she had shed pounds and promoted weight reduction to fit into the Monroe dress.

In an interview with The New York Times earlier this month, she was cited as stating, “I wasn’t suggesting, hey everyone, why don’t you go lose this weight in a short amount of time?

I thought, “OK, Christian Bale can pull it off for a movie part, so that’s OK.”

For a part, even Renée Zellweger put on weight.

To me, it’s all the same.

Even Don-A-Matrix, her trainer, acknowledged that she followed a “balanced diet” to achieve her weight loss goals.

“I believe that one of the misunderstandings about Kim that people have is that she works hard.

It wasn’t like she was starving herself since I was there during the whole procedure.

She’s been eating a balanced diet, by the way.

She would sometimes eat less, but she would also work hard at the gym, she had previously told TMZ.

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