Kevin Smith to Release His New Movie, KillRoy Was Here, as an NFT Collection

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Kevin Smith To Release His New Movie  Killroy Was Here  As An Nft Collection 11Zon
Kevin Smith to Release His New Movie KillRoy Was Here as an NFT Collection 11zon

Kevin Smith, known for movies like Clerks, Jay, and Silent Bob Strike Back and Cop Out will release his latest production as an NFT collection.

According to the filmmaker, the Kilroy Was Here movie will be distributed in a collection of 5,555 NFT pieces, featuring exclusive content and behind-the-scenes footage.

“My dream is for KillRoy to be its own ‘self-prospering’ franchise within the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, without ever leaving the blockchain,” Smith told CoinDesk.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are pieces of digital art with a high cryptocurrency value. A token is a unit of reference; Being non-fungible, a certain value is associated with a unique original object.

Each NFT constitutes a record for which you own a unique digital piece, representing ownership, rights, and privileges, not being interchangeable with another authentic one and not being divisible.

For the adaptation, Smith partnered with the Secret Network to use the Legenda platform.

Kevin Smith’s Kilroy Was Here Makes NFT History

Smith’s film will be the first-ever to be released in this format, according to Deadline.

Kilroy Was Here is a throwback anthology horror movie featuring a creature that kills evil adults at the behest of victimized children.

Buyers of Kilroy Was Here NFTs will have exclusive ownership of the film’s art and other materials, as well as access to the image itself, which will not be available to anyone without the special cryptographic key provided by the non-fungible token.

Smith delved a little deeper into his bet.

“When you buy the KillRoy NFT you get exclusive access to the movie. But most importantly, the specific version of Kilroy you get is your KillRoy, to do whatever you want: Make your movie, turn it into a cartoon, license it for lunchboxes!”

“The KillRoy NFT offers an exciting and unique opportunity to go from art collector to collaborating artist!” Smith concludes.

The NFT release of Smith’s film will occur on the Legendao platform in the second quarter of the year. The price of each token is unknown, with more details expected for the following months of 2022.

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