Kendall Jenner dazzles networks for a Calvin Klein campaign

Kendall Jennerr
Kendall Jennerr

Kendall Jenner, the famous model and socialite, managed to ignite the networks with a shot for a Calvin Klein campaign.

Kendall Jenner, the famous model and socialite, managed to fire the networks with a shot for a Calvin Klein campaign in which she left nothing to the imagination of her followers.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

Kendall Jenner’s natural beauty managed to turn on social media in the afternoon of Wednesday, March 15.

And it is that the lovely model appeared without anything above for Calvin Klein ‘s spring campaign and part of the images were posted by the apparel brand and the same personality on their official social networks.

Kendall Jenner

That’s correct, the oldest of the Jenners, one of the youngest if you consider the Kardashians, wrote a post on her Instagram that transformed her approximately 280 million followers.

First and foremost, she appears in a jean coat in which she obviously wears nothing below; her black hair and a very simple cosmetics palette showcase the model’s innate attractiveness.


Kendall Jenner 0

In another shot, he wears the same fabric pants and no clothing on his chest; she conceals her breasts with her hands.

Additional photographs show Kendall Jenner wearing the same brand’s ‘panties’ and concealing her upper body with her arms.

The reason why Kendall Jenner decided not to parade in this edition of the New York Fashion Week

In this way, the 27-year-old model’s statuesque body is displayed in various stances that promote the material with which Calvin Klein will come out next season, with the end of winter in the United States.

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