Keanu Reeves: the new Batman and one of the favorites with Robert Pattinson

Reeves is one of the spoiled actors in Hollywood and will fascinate in this new project

Keanu Reeves 1
Keanu Reeves 1

In the midst of the fever for Batman, a new project of the so-called “hooded vigilante” is about to be released and Keanu Reeves is involved.

But this new story is far from being as raw and dark as the version that direct Matt Reeves has created, which means some respite for those who want to see something more “friendly”.

It is an animated movie about superheroes, or rather, about super pets.

And yes, our favourite DC Comics heroes have their faithful pets that accompany them in their fight for justice.

This is part of the DC League of Super-Pets universe, which has already released a new trailer focusing on Batman and his dog Ace the Bat-Hound. Keanu Reeves will be in charge of bringing the Knight of the Night to life, something that has already aroused curiosity among fans.

While the focus is entirely on Robert Pattinson‘s portrayal of tormented Bruce Wayne in “The Batman,” Reeves will get the opportunity to “do” the mask in an animated version that will be for the whole family.

Perhaps this time we will not see the protagonist of the Matrix saga on screen, but we will be able to hear that deep voice that characterizes him.

The trailer opens with Danny Elfman’s Batman theme (from the Tim Burton movies). Batman and Ace the Bat-Hound (voiced by Kevin Hart). Both are having a conversation when they just cross paths (because yes, in this version the super pets talk).

The conversation revolves around his difficult childhood (or “puppy trauma” in Ace’s case). They talk about how both have steeled themselves, overcoming their impenetrable emotional defenses.

“So you are a dog, I am Batman. I’m not exactly good with animals”, Keanu is heard, to which the Ace replies “Well, I’m not good with humans”. That’s when he “gives up” and jumps on the Batman to lick his face like any dog.

In DC League of Super-Pets, the Justice League has been captured by Lex Luthor (played by Marc Maron), and now relies on his pets, a bloodhound, a Labrador retriever, a turtle, a pot-bellied pig, and a squirrel to save the world.

In addition to Reeves, Dwayne Johnson voices Krypto the Super-Dog, Superman’s pet with similar abilities. John Krasinski will be nothing more and nothing less than Superman.

Mexican Diego Luna plays the squirrel Ch’p, a member of the Green Lantern Corps.

The screenplay was written by Jared Stern and is co-directing with Sam Levine for Warner Bros. and Warner Animation Group.

Batman fever continues

Given the scepticism of many regarding Robert Pattinson as Batman, it must be said that there is no reason to compare him with a Christian Bale, a Ben Affleck and not even with a Michael Keaton.

Pattinson has silenced many mouths with his performance, showing a reclusive Bruce Wayne from society who moves away from the millionaire playboy we are used to.

There could be a dozen comparisons between the work of Nolan and Reeves, as well as that of Todd Phillips with Joker, but something that must be made clear is that each one works as a completely independent story from the other.

So now that we’re getting a new animated version, it’s a good time to marathon this controversial hero.

What do you think?

Written by Christina d'souza

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