Kate del Castillo becomes viral after a terrifying incident at a party

Kate del
Kate del

Kate del Castillo, the legendary “Queen of the South,” experienced a terrifying scare while dining in a posh restaurant; look at the video!

Kate del Castillo, the famous “Queen of the South,” had a huge panic while in a beautiful restaurant, a moment that was videotaped and went viral over the weekend, since after being scared and anxious, everything was left in a humorous and embarrassing moment.

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It turns out that Kate del Castillo went to a restaurant over the weekend, where she was the star of a funny moment, because the actress was standing while talking to the people seated around a table, when suddenly, the servers came in, making a great fuss, which terrified the star.

When confronted with the scandal that had taken the actress by surprise, Kate del Castillo couldn’t help but scream and jump as a first reaction, because she was apparently quite concentrated in her conversation, so she ended up more than scared by the surprise that The waiters of the place had prepared it for him.

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The servers made their presence to the table where the famous actress was as part of a celebration for her, as “Mama’s Mom” was heard in the background, with their best dance steps, shouts, and great delight. The actress was bewildered in front of everyone when she heard ‘El Alfa’s’ song.

Kate del Castillo took a deep breath and calmed down after seeing that everything was a surprise of dancing and music, for which she soon forgot the panic and also began to “perrear” at the time the months began their dances and juggling with their trays and encouraged the moment.

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Understandably, the famous actress’s reaction garnered a lot of attention on social media, where this video has turned it around, generating numerous reactions and remarks surrounding Erick del Castillo’s daughter’s reaction.

There was no shortage of people who used the actress’s reaction to poke fun at the character of ‘Teresa,’ claiming that she would have been terrified if the DEA had come at the location.

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