Karely Ruiz with her money earned from OnlyFans gives chemotherapy to a young man

Karely Ruiz downloads the thread and shows off all her splendor as a naughty
Karely Ruiz downloads the thread and shows off all her splendor as a naughty

Karely Ruiz, 21 years old, is causing all kinds of reactions on social networks, this is after she commented on social networks about which of her followers would like to have liposuction, who immediately told her who wanted to say the aesthetic procedure, but a message devastated everyone because she was a mother who wanted something else.

According to the lady, she preferred to ask her for treatment for her son Sebas, because he needed chemotherapy, so Karely Ruiz did not hesitate to answer her immediately to tell her that the little boy would indeed have said request, so it immediately went viral the gesture of the model of the moment.

“Kareli I don’t want lipo, I want you to give me a chemo for my son Sebas, he is 17 years old and I take him to Monterrey for his treatment, we are from Torreón,” was the message that the user sent with great hope to the influencer who It is one of the most beautiful of social networks for its curves of a true goddess.

Although many haters have said everything to Karely Ruiz for her work on an adult platform, far from fighting as she did at first when she was just starting in the middle of social networks, she prefers to continue working to earn money and focus on others. projects, because he is happy to be able to help his parents whom he took out of work for a long time.

As if that were not enough, we see the girl on tour in various parts of Mexico, where she appears in clubs or bars as a special guest, so her fans take the opportunity to take a souvenir photo with her, something she does with great pleasure. Well, she feels very grateful for the support of her fans who not only follow her on their networks but also buy her content, which is not cheap at all.

“Good morning, as you know, you won me the words that I was going to say to you, beautiful, have a great day, sweetheart”, “A true man or gentleman, when he wants to conquer a woman like Karely, does it with true feelings and with beautiful and beautiful details”, write networks.

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