Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard: What is the actor’s current fortune?

The American lost millions of dollars when his former managers robbed him. Now we are going to reveal how much he has in the face of the new trial with his being a woman

Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard What is the actors current fortune

Johnny Depp is one of the hottest actors today. Unfortunately not because of a labor issue, but because of the conflicts he has with his ex-partner, Amber Heard, with whom he is involved in a defamation lawsuit. Now that the issue has already begun in court, it was revealed that the actor is asking for compensation for damages of around 50 million dollars, so we are going to reveal how much money he has.

With a long career in Hollywood, the actor came to have a great fortune, but unfortunately, his managers at the time stole a sum of around 650 million dollars. But that was not all, since the actor followed his career in the seventh art and with these advertising campaigns and much more to recover a little of that fortune.

The actor revealed in an interview that a few years ago he found out that apparently during the Pirates of the Caribbean saga he would have won 650 million, which he never saw enter his account. But that was not all, as they also left him with a problem of 1 million more since they had not paid the government taxes for 17 years.

How much fortune

According to the site The Richest, Depp managed to make a fairly large fortune, since he currently has net worth of 200 million dollars, but beyond that, the actor has fourteen properties that add up to an amount of 75 million more.

Thanks to his professional success, Depp can have a life full of luxuries, but in recent years he suffered a bit when he was left without some of his projects after the legal problems he had with his ex-partner.

Now, a new trial is being carried out as a result of what was experienced in the United Kingdom. The actor would have asked for 50 million dollars for defamation. In case of losing the lawsuit with Amber, he would have to give her ex-partner 100 million dollars.

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