Johnny Depp Recalls Amber Heard’s Alleged ‘Lies’ About Having a Broken Nose

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Johnny Depps Lawsuit Against Amber Heard For Defamation Begins
Johnny Depps Lawsuit Against Amber Heard for Defamation Begins

New antecedents have come to light after the statements in the trial that has revolutionized the entire world because every detail of the litigation for the $50 million lawsuits that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor put on his ex-partner has been seen live.

Johnny Depp used his time on the stand in a Fairfax, Virginia courtroom to address the moment he realized Amber Heard had “fully lied” about “breaking her nose” during one of their fights.

According to Fox, the actor began by explaining how Amber once attacked him in his home office and proceeded to accuse Depp of breaking his nose during the altercation.

Immediately afterward, Depp remembers Heard saying, ” Well done, Johnny, you broke my nose.”

However, Depp later admits to slipping into his bathroom: “I got the Kleenex out of the bin,” he explained. But “I inspected it very closely and realized it was nail polish, nail varnish. “This claim comes in Depp’s Wednesday admissions, where he discussed his childhood trauma, abuse, and marriage to Amber Heard.

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