Joaquin Phoenix: Wendy Williams is criticized after mocking the actor for having a cleft lip

The presenter of “The Wendy Williams Show” had to regret making offensive comments about the interpreter of the ‘Joker’ and apologized after the great amount of criticism on social networks.

Wendy Williams , host of the television program “The Wendy Williams Show” , was heavily questioned after making offensive comments about the cleft lip of actor Joaquin Phoenix , who was recently nominated for the Oscar Awards in the best actor category, for his interpretation of the ‘ Joker ‘.

At the beginning of the transmission of her program, the conductor praised the penetrating gaze that Phoenix has . However, he made a mocking comment about the cleft lip of the actor; In addition, he accompanied his words with a gesture towards the cameras.

“When you shave your mustache you have a very thin fracture. He has one of those … what’s his name? Cleft lip , cleft palate, ”said the American driver. After that, he lifted his upper lip and commented that “I find it very attractive,” which caused the audience to laugh, but not those who watched the show.

One of the celebrities that was felt through her Twitter account was Cher , who posted a message about Williams’ unfortunate joke . “Ask for an apology to compensate for this,” reads the singer and actress’s tweet.

 Wendy Williams was accused of insulting people who have cleft lips . The spokeswoman for the Association of Lip and Cleft Lip and also a driver, Carol Vorderman said the comments of the driver were “shameful. Do you have any idea of ​​the pain and operations that a child with a cleft should go through as he grows up?”

Hours later than what happened, the American presenter had to apologize through her Twitter account .

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