Is Mia Khalifa pregnant Here is a strange video that would prove it

Is Mia Khalifa Pregnant They Filter A Strange Video That Would Prove It

Netizens leaked a strange video of Mia Khalifa, who, they claim, would prove that the adult film star is pregnant.

A small video has surprised thousands of followers of adult cinema screening Mia Khalifa, as it would prove that the young Lebanese, who became popular in the porn film industry, is pregnant.

As seen in the images, which were broadcast on YouTube, the porn star appears in a gym recording while she subtly touches and caresses her belly, which, according to some Internet users, looks a little bulky.

The clip, which was released a few days ago, has sparked a lot of controversy in social networks, where users, especially fans of the porn scandal, lamented the news, while others soon made memes, taunts and various comments on around the possible state of gestation of Khalifa.

“Today I found out that Mia Khalifa is pregnant. Why do they have to destroy everything I love? “,” Men are in mourning … Mia Khalifa is pregnant “,” Mia Khalifa after 50,000 powders got pregnant and you fuck with the first one “, were some of the comments that users spread on networks after watching the video of the Lebanese.

Despite the controversy over her supposed pregnancy, neither the film adult screening nor her boyfriend, the chef Robert Sandberg have spoken to confirm or deny the rumors.

And, as Khalifa has commented on many occasions, is now in one of the best stages of his life, after leaving forever the adult film industry, which he regretted being part of for many years.
Currently, in addition to sports commentator, has become a kind of ‘influencer’, and, daily, share photos and videos of the new life that leads to the side of his boyfriend.

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