Irina Baeva and the bodily changes she has through up to the present day

Irina Baevaa
Irina Baevaa

Irina Baeva has undergone a significant shift since her initial cinematic appearances, and she will likely surprise you.

The Russian actress located in Mexico is one of those who have managed to stand out in the show in Mexico in numerous projects, and where Irina Baeva has undergone a significant metamorphosis from her beginnings on the screen to now.

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After leaving her own country to pursue her dream of becoming an actress, the former advertising student’s route to fame was not without challenges.

From then till now, the protagonist of “Vino el amor,” “Pas1ón y poder,” and many more stories has undergone numerous image changes, and Irina Baeva now appears very different.

Irina Baeva what the actress was doing when she arrived in Mexico to study

Since her first appearance in “Italian girl comes to marry” (2014), where she played “Katia,” the 30-year-old female has stood out for sporting copious dark-colored hair trimmed in various layers.

The same manner that she preserved in the production of ” Vino el amor ” (2016) where she also met Gabriel Soto, her current partner and fiancé for whom she was ridiculed for being identified as the “third in contention”.

Irina Baeva

In terms of cosmetic procedures, Irina Vitalievna Baeva has acknowledged to getting breast implants and having her teeth corrected.

As a result, the collaborator of “Divided Love” and “Single with Daughters” changed her hair colour to blonde and now maintains this look but with a softer tone and has opted for shorter hair.

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