Belinda, dressed in a white gown, has an influence on video

Sarah Joseph
Sarah Joseph
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belinda 2 1

Belinda, who is dressed in a long white gown, demonstrates the pop singer’s passion of fashion.

Belinda models a white garment that is quite flattering for the naturalised Mexican, who attracted the attention of her admirers, in a recent video starring the pop singer from her Instagram stories.

The popular singer and actress who began on the Mexican small screen at the age of 10 has become one of the show’s most gorgeous women, with over 15 million subscribers to her account.

And this is how the well-known 33-year-old model and “composer” from Madrid praises it in the middle of her numerous postings on this and other social media platforms.

Belinda 55

Putting aside the controversies that have plagued her life in recent years, Belinda not only stands out in the artistic world with a 22-year career and countless appearances, but she is also a fashion enthusiast.

Her appearance is another of her attractions and what stood out on this occasion, in addition to her stylish garment with which Belinda Peregrn Schüll has shone in other spaces, as well as her beautiful hair, which she wears in a harmonious manner and is in charge of styling during the recording you shared 12 hours ago.

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