In her own series, Georgina Rodriguez meets the young woman who overshadows her

Georgina Rodriguez
Georgina Rodriguez

The second season of “I’m Georgina” begun, starring Georgina Rodríguez and in which, unexpectedly, another “lady” is taking the attention, look who she is!

On March 24, the second season of ” I’m Georgina “, a reality show hosted by the lovely Georgina Rodrguez, Cristiano Ronaldo’s sentimental companion, aired. Nevertheless, another “lady” is taking her position in her own series in this new stage.


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Georgina Rodrguez has positioned herself as a prominent businesswoman as well as an icon of fashion, luxury, and style after rising to prominence and being hounded by the media when it was discovered that she was the love and companion of the famous soccer star.

Since the debut of her Netflix series “I’m Georgina,” the model has allowed millions of people to penetrate not just the seclusion of her private life, but also her feelings, emotions, and family life. . Surprisingly, a cute individual has suddenly stolen her camera.


“Mom, I’m Georgina Dos Santos Rodríguez”, when Georgina realizes that the girl appears made up and with a wig, she responds: “But how beautiful you are”.”


Because of the version of viewing the “reality” that she lives day by day, we have seen her in her facets of a couple, daughter, friend, sister, but the mother of the family shines out, and I have given portions of her personality and existence that none of her followers knew about her.

In this way, who has now taken all of the limelight from the diva of fashion and style is none other than her own daughter, Alana Martina, who, at the age of five, demonstrates that the art of the show is in her blood. What she clearly acquired from her lovely mother.


“It looks like Morticia”, to which Alana questions seriously and intrigued who that person is. Not knowing what to answer, Georgina manages to ease the situation by telling him that she is a princess.”


During one of the chapters of “I’m Georgina,” which stars her intimidating and famous mother, Alana is putting on gowns, when she suddenly and unexpectedly yells:

Alana was delighted to be listening to her mother and knowing that she looks fantastic copying her; nevertheless, a word from Georgina appears to abruptly transform the scene, as the Argentine exclaimed:


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But that’s not all; Georgina admits in another segment of this second season that her daughter has been glamorous since birth since she loves to stand out with her costumes and feminine attitudes.

It is also worth noting that the little diva, Alana Martina, can be seen exhibiting her singing abilities, which is also her thing, aside from the fact that she is a Rosala fan, as she brilliantly displays that she knows her songs.


“She likes to wear wigs, she loves makeup and she loves to dress up. She’s very conceited, and she looks like it’s hard to be more flirtatious than me, but I think she will be,” she said happily, Georgina.”

The talented young lady did not want to exhibit that creative side and enthusiasm for the Spanish and she let herself be seen singing the song “Despechá” with a surety that only a sincere fan of the singer could achieve.

To everyone’s astonishment, Georgina and her children saw the singer in her dressing room after her show, and Alana is overjoyed to meet her favorite musician in person.


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Georgina Martina is Georgina and Cristiano’s first child. In 2021, the couple revealed that they were expecting twins; however, one of the babies died during labor, and only one survived, whom they called Bella Esmeralda.

Georgina Rodriguez’s journey to motherhood has not been simple, as she revealed in an episode of her reality program that she had three more pregnancies before the twins, all of which ended in abortions. As a result, she now adores all of her grandchildren.

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