How much are the fortunes of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard?

The actress has said that she cannot pay the almost 9 million euros to her ex-husband after losing the defamation trial in Virginia

Johnny And Amber Heard
johnny and amber heard

There is already a sentence in the trial that has confronted them, but that has not prevented the attention from continuing to be fixed on Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor won the defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife, for which she will have to pay more than eight million dollars (almost 9 million euros) after the discount established by Virginia law in compensation for punitive damages, to the actor. However, Amber does not have these amounts his lawyer, Elaine Bredehoft has assured on NBC’s Today program, so the team of lawyers is already preparing the relevant appeal. There has been so much commotion generated that there is no more than wondering how much that fortune amounts to with which the interpreter assures that she cannot face this last legal obligation.

Amber’s financial situation is quite unknown. Obviously, at 36, her film career is not as extensive as that of her ex-husband, who is 58 and is one of the most recognized stars in Hollywood. It is estimated that Amber’s fortune ranges between 2 and 8 million dollars (therefore, it would not be more than seven and a half million euros). It has been reported that, between 2013 and 2019, the artist earned about 10 million dollars (just over nine million euros), between her films and her advertising work. From those years are movies like Magic Mike XXL, Justice League, The Danish Girl, and Paul and Jude, among others.

How Much Are The Fortunes Of Johnny Depp And Amber Heard?

In addition, the protagonist of Aquaman has a house in Yucca Valley, in the California desert, about 200 kilometers from Los Angeles, where he says that he has his fixed residence. She had already been informed that she intended to get away from the commotion and retire after the media process, but it was not known that she indicated this property as her habitual residence. For this property, she would have paid about 570,000 dollars (just over half a million euros) in 2019. She also owns a Range Rover car, which she corresponded to in the divorce agreement she signed with Johnny Depp.

During the process, he said that he had earned a total of 3 million dollars (more than 2,800,000 euros) with his participation in the Aquaman films, plus a bonus for box office receipts. She also explained that she had not paid the seven million dollars that she promised after her divorce from her for charitable causes because her ex had sued her for 50 million, from which it was deduced that she was keeping her assets to deal with the possible payment. Although the amount of compensation she owes is much less, she seems unable to afford it either. She thus has two options if the appeal fails: have some of her future wages garnished, or file for bankruptcy (which would significantly reduce the amount owed).

Johnny Depp’s fortune

For his part, Johnny Depp made it clear that he was not embarking on this judicial war with Amber for money, but the defense of the truth. An altruistic motive that would free her ex from paying him…or would it? Over time you will see images. The artist’s fortune is considerably greater than that of his ex-wife if only taking into account some of the titles he has starred in. In 2016, Forbes estimated his fortune at around 48 million dollars (almost 45 million euros) and included him in the list of the 100 richest celebrities. At some point in his career, he would have received up to 100 million dollars annually (about 93 million euros), becoming one of the highest-paid actors in the world. The telegraph said, for example, in 2009, that for the Pirates of the Caribbean saga, he had earned 300 million dollars (almost 380 million euros). Three films had been released that year.

Depp’s former administrator, Josh Mandel, estimated his fortune at around 600 million dollars (560 million euros), as he declared at trial. However, the mismanagement that he made of his assets in 2015 and which, according to what he declared, he warned him, wreaked havoc on his finances. “My warnings in 2015 that we were in very dire financial circumstances were not heeded,” Mandel said. “Over time it became clear that he had problems with alcohol and drugs that translated into more erratic behavior,” he added.

Jack Whigham, the actor’s manager, also shared some details of Depp’s earnings during the process. For example, he earned 10 million dollars (about 9 million euros) for Murder on the Orient Express (2017) or 13 and a half million dollars (about 12 and a half million) for Fantastic Animals: the crimes of Grindewald (2018). He also said that he had closed a deal for 22.5 million dollars (about 21 million euros) for Pirates of the Caribbean 6, but that it did not materialize due to the publication of Heard’s article in The Washington Post. He also added that after that article, the interpreter did not make any more films.

How Much Are The Fortunes Of Johnny Depp And Amber Heard?

The actor also has fabulous properties around the world such as a private island in the Bahamas, Little Halls Pond Cay, with which he fell in love while filming the aforementioned pirate saga (he bought it in 2004 for almost 4 million dollars, just over three euros). She also bought five houses in the Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, for 19 million dollars (almost 18 million euros), among which it was said that she was planning to build communication tunnels. He had five apartments in Los Angeles that he sold for almost 11 million dollars (just over 10 million euros) in 2017 after divorcing Amber Heard, and a villa in France, very close to St. Tropez, which has gone on sale valued at 55 million dollars (just over 51 million euros). She also had a property in Kentucky, Betty Sue’s Family Farm, which he sold in 2020 for $1.3 million. she also had a ship, called Vajoliroja, a name that results from the combination of the first letters of the names of her former partner, Vanessa Paradis, and her children Lily-Rose and Jack, in addition to her own. It cost her about $350,000 (325,000 euros) a month to maintain and sold it to JK Rowling, author of the successful fantasy saga Harry Potter, in 2016.

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