Game Of Thrones: This Is The Dark Meaning Of The Spiral Left By The King Of The Night

A connection with the Children of the Forest ? The spiral symbol that the White Walkers showed in episode 8×01 of Game of Thrones would be linked to the origin of these beings.

Game Of Thrones This Is The Dark Meaning Of The Spiral Left By The King Of The Night

One of the biggest mysteries of Game of Thrones are the White Walkers . It is a fact that each character has an alliance and seeks to win the ‘ Game of Thrones ‘ but what about the great threat that will wipe out all Westeros ? The ‘Long Night’ prepared by the ‘ King of the Dead ‘ is very close and one of the writers of the series gave a clue to the event to calm the fans.

The episode 8×01 of Game of Thrones left us a rather enigmatic ending to show the death of the little Ned Umber . Hanging on the wall at the center of a spiral of human parts within its enclosure in the ‘Last Home’ knows its ending as a living dead with the sword of Beric Dondarrion .

What does that spiral mean? After seven seasons, Game of Thrones has presented us with a series of scenes that surround the mysterious past between the ‘ Children of the Forest’ and the creation of the ‘ White Walkers ‘. As we were shown, the creation of these evil beings was the responsibility of the little ones in the forest.

White Walkers and Children have used many symbols over the years but we have never guessed their meanings. In that sense, it was one of the writers of Game of Thrones , Dave Hill, who had to clarify the King of the Night’s intention to send these messages to humanity.

“As we saw with Bran and the three-eyed Raven , the spiral pattern was sacred to the Sons of the Forest, who created the King of the Night by sacrificing a man captured in a coiled ‘pile of stones.’ Night then adopted the symbol as a kind of blasphemy, like Satan with the cross turned upside down, “Hill explained to the New York Post.

The first time we saw a symbol in the initial scene of the pilot episode, when the members of the Night’s Watch travel beyond the Wall and find the remains of dead people arranged in a rhombus with a line through it.

After this shocking revelation, the signals left by the ‘ Army of the Night ‘ would make more sense. Were they warning men of their imminent return? Probably that is the reason but we will not know the answer until seeing the end of the series produced by HBO .


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